McCabe named recipient of the Community Employment Alliance’s 2017 Outstanding Legislator Award

Due to her support for expanding employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities, Rep. Gina McCabe has been named a recipient of the Community Employment Alliance's 2017 Outstanding Legislator Award.

A non-profit organization, the Community Employment Alliance is a network of businesses and employment service providers for individuals with disabilities living in Washington state. McCabe is one of seven legislators to be dubbed a “budget champion” by the organization for her support of vendor rate increases in the 2017-19 operating budget passed by the Legislature this June.

“I've had the privilege of working with a number of advocates and organizations the past few years on key legislation to benefit individuals with special needs,” said McCabe, R-Goldendale. “Ensuring providers, including those who offer employment, respite and other community-based services, can continue to offer support individuals with disabilities need to integrate with their communities and lead productive and fulfilling lives is of the utmost importance to communities throughout Washington state. I'm humbled and honored to join this bipartisan group of legislators in receiving this award.”

The 2017-19 operating budget provided funding to increase vendor rates for long-term care and developmental disability service providers who collectively bargain in accordance with their bargained agreements. In addition, for providers who do not collectively bargain, the budget generally provided funding for a vendor rate increase of 4 percent over the biennium, along with targeted adjustments.

Tom Gaulke, chief executive officer of Entrust Community Services — a non-profit in Yakima that helps connect adults with disabilities with essential services and programs and a member of the Community Employment Alliance — applauded McCabe's efforts to help organizations like his, saying:

It speaks to Rep. McCabe's leadership that during one conversation in Yakima on her listening tour, she heard my message regarding the struggles organizations like Entrust Community Services face in recruiting and maintaining quality people to work in the non-profit sector. She understood as a business person that the state needs to ensure that the rates of reimbursement for our critical services keep pace with rising costs of doing business. I was pleased that she heard that my organization and many others like it around the state, had not received an increase in our rates from the Developmental Disabilities Administration in nearly two decades. I am even more pleased that she acted to correct the situation. I could not be prouder of my representative!

The Legislature ended their record 193-day legislative session on July 20. The 2018 legislative session is scheduled to begin in January.


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