Gina Mosbrucker

Representing the 14th District

I learned from my father at a young age that when you see a problem, you become part of the solution. When our family moved to Goldendale, the job market was scarce. With the encouragement of my mother, my father started his first business and, since then, he and I have started other businesses in Klickitat County that have created jobs and been an active part of our community.

As a small business owner, I've balanced budgets, made tough decisions and made lifelong relationships with the people who depend on me for a paycheck. I've also seen how government regulations have become out-of-control, and how they directly affect an employer's ability to create and keep jobs. I am working hard to be part of the solution that drives our economy forward.

While the needs are different for each district, it is important to me the voice of the 14th District is heard loud and strong in Olympia. I encourage you to continue contacting me with your ideas to improve state government.

Rep. Gina Mosbrucker
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