Rep. Gina McCabe introduces legislation to increase veteran employment

In an effort to increase veteran employment in Washington state, Rep. Gina McCabe has introduced House Bill 2040.

“The unemployment rate for veterans, especially our young veterans, is very high and they are having a difficult time breaking in or returning to the job market,” said McCabe, R-Goldendale. “This legislation gives us the opportunity to pay it forward to those who have made great self-sacrifice to serve our country and protect us.”

Washington state is home to about 600,000 veterans. The unemployment rate for veterans between the age of 18-25 is 21 percent.

“Our veterans have diverse and valued skill sets, especially in the fields of health care and technology. They also have a strong work ethic and leadership qualities, so I could see this being a win-win for employers in our state and the veterans,” said McCabe.

The bill directs the Department of Veterans' Affairs, Employment Security, and Department of Commerce to consult with local chambers of commerce, associate development organizations and businesses to initiate a campaign resulting in an increase in veteran employment in Washington.

“The bill is not a mandate on business, but a goal of doing the right thing,” said McCabe. “'One Business, One Vet', and I am going to start with my own family small businesses.”

The state Department of Veterans' Affairs would maintain a database of those participating and share percentages of cities, counties and districts that employ at least one veteran. The department would also use existing resources.

The bill is scheduled for a public hearing on Tuesday, Feb. 17 at 1:30 p.m. in the House Community Development, Housing and Tribal Affairs Committee.


Washington State House Republican Communications