Senate committee holds public hearing on Rep. Gina McCabe’s ‘One Business, One Vet’ bill

Rep. Gina McCabe’s legislation to increase veteran employment in Washington state continues to move through the Legislature.

The Senate Commerce and Labor Committee held a public hearing on House Bill 2040 today.

“My goal is to keep this bill moving through the legislative process until the governor signs it into law,” said McCabe, R-Goldendale. “It was very apparent when I was meeting with veterans in my office at the beginning of the session, all many really want to do when they return home is work. I want to help them achieve that, and improve upon the high unemployment rate for veterans.”

McCabe’s bill would direct the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA), Employment Security, and Department of Commerce to consult with local chambers of commerce, associate development organizations and businesses to initiate a campaign resulting in an increase in veteran employment in Washington.

Commanding General Roger Flygare, of the Association of Washington Generals, attended the public hearing to express his support for the bill.

The Washington Retail Association (WRA) also is in favor of the legislation.

“We represent a number of businesses who already know that veterans are highly-skilled, motivated and hard-working. Encouraging businesses to fill positions with veterans benefits not only the business, but it benefits the entire state,” said WRA President and CEO Jan Teague. 

“This legislation is about paying it forward. We are not mandating or requiring anything out of business, just giving our veterans an opportunity to work,” said McCabe.

The campaign may include partnerships with chambers of commerce that result in business owners sharing information on the number of veterans employed with the chambers who then provide this information to DVA.

Participants in the campaign are encouraged to work with the Washington State Military Transition Council and with county veterans’ advisory boards.

Existing resources are used to fund the campaign.

The Senate Commerce and Labor Committee has until April 1 to pass the bill out of committee and send it to the full Senate for a vote.

The 105-day legislative session is scheduled to adjourn on April 26.

PHOTO CAPTION: Rep. McCabe with Commanding General Roger Flygare.



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