McCabe introduces the ‘Travis Alert Act,’ aiding first responders in emergencies in identifying those with autism, disabilities

On the final days of the legislative overtime Rep. Gina McCabe had assistance in introducing her last bill of the 2015 legislative session. Travis, a nonverbal child with autism, assisted McCabe in dropping the draft language off at the Code Revisor's Office in Olympia.

“It was great to have Travis and his family here at the state Capitol. The bill will be referred to as the 'Travis Alert Act'  so I felt it was fitting he be part of the legislative process and file the bill with me,” said McCabe, R-Goldendale. “I am excited to work on this legislation next year. My office has already received overwhelming support on this issue.”

With the Legislature focused on budgets and transportation during the special sessions, regular legislative committees have not been meeting to discuss new legislation. The Legislature wrapped up its work on Tuesday, June 30 and it is not expected to be back in session until January 2016.

“By introducing this legislation now, we will have a head start in January to get a public hearing before the proper committees,” said McCabe.

House Bill 2287 would create a system for a colored, reflective puzzle-piece decal that could be placed in a vehicle or on the main entrance of a residence to indicate a person with disabilities could be present. It would also create an enhanced 911 program for parents to optionally submit information pertaining to their child(s) disability so first responders would know how to best address the emergency situation.

The emergency notification system would be coupled with increased education and training requirements for first responders on how to approach individuals with disabilities in times of crisis.

PHOTO CAPTION: Rep. Gina McCabe and Travis file the 'Travis Alert Act' in the bill hopper at the Code Revisor's Office.



Washington State House Republican Communications