Rep. Gina McCabe to hold public meeting on ‘Travis Alert Act,’ legislation which would aid first responders in emergencies in identifying those with autism, disabilities

Rep. Gina McCabe invites citizens of Yakima and the surrounding area to join her in a meeting to discuss House Bill 2287, the “Travis Alert Act,” legislation that would assist first responders in emergencies in identifying those with autism or other disabilities. The meeting will be held Tuesday, July 28 at 6 p.m. at the Entrust Community Services Building located at 1510 S. 36th Ave., in Yakima.

“This legislation is a high priority for me next year so I want to make sure I am providing citizens the opportunity to get involved and help us strengthen this piece of legislation for the 2016 session,” said McCabe, R-Goldendale. “You often hear legislators say the best ideas for legislation comes from constituents. This meeting will provide an opportunity for them to share ideas and input as we move forward.”

The idea for the “Travis Alert Act” came from Travis' mom, Threasa, who brought the idea to McCabe during the Legislature's second special session.

“When constituents come to you, especially with an idea that would benefit those they care about, you can hear the passion in their voice. It is inspiring to know you are working to make a difference in their lives,” said McCabe.

The bill would create a system for a colored, reflective puzzle-piece decal that could be placed in a vehicle or on the main entrance of a residence to indicate a person with disabilities could be present. It would also create an enhanced 911 program for parents to optionally submit information pertaining to their child(s) disability so first responders would know how to best address the emergency situation.

The emergency notification system would be coupled with increased education and training requirements for first responders on how to approach individuals with disabilities in times of crisis.

Anyone with questions about the meeting can contact McCabe's legislative office at (360) 786-7856.

PHOTO CAPTION: Rep. Gina McCabe and Travis drop the “Travis Alert Act” legislation into the Bill Hopper to be drafted by the Code Reviser's Office on June 29.


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