Rep. Gina McCabe presses for legislation to support survivors of sexual abuse

Legislator: Rep. Gina Mosbrucker
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One state lawmaker says it is time to ensure that children who have suffered abuse know they are not at fault.  And Republican Gina McCabe also says it's past time that they were educated on what to do if they are in trouble.  Ruth Johnson reports from Olympia.

Johnson: There are 3 million children in America who are survivors of sexual abuse, enough to fill 46 NFL stadiums.  State Representative Gina McCabe believes that Erin's Law, already enacted in 26 states, could change the lives of children across Washington.

McCabe: “It introduces age appropriate curriculum in the schools, K through 12.  It teaches kids it's not your fault if you are abused.  And it teaches you to speak out.”

Johnson:  McCabe is asking for task force on Erin's Law.

McCabe:  “Victims need to know there is a safe place.  Maybe that's with a teacher that they trust and love and have guidance from.” 

Questions about funding the law may already have been answered.  In December, Congress included a provision in a key education bill that will allow states to use federal grant funding for Erin's Law programs. 

Ruth Johnson, Olympia.


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