McCabe’s bill to help Yakima, other counties throughout state signed by governor

Rep. Gina McCabe's bill to align federal and state payroll laws was signed by the governor March 31. Due to conflicting state and federal statutes, some counties in Washington have been out of compliance with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), making them subject to large monetary fines at times.

The bill was requested of McCabe, R-Goldendale, by Yakima County Auditor Charles Ross, her predecessor in the state Legislature.

“We've been experiencing this problem in Yakima County, which uses a monthly payroll, because taxes are not taken out of a draw-day pay and are, therefore, out of compliance with the IRS,” said McCabe. “This bill is a simple fix that changes the draw-day procedure for monthly payrolls. We must ensure our counties and local governments can continue operating efficiently.”

Specifically, House Bill 2391 modified monthly payroll systems so that no more than 50 percent of earned salary is paid on the draw day.

The bill will go into effect later this year. The Legislature officially adjourned on the evening of March 29.

PHOTO: Rep. Gina McCabe's House Bill 2391 is signed by Gov. Jay Inslee March 31, 2016.



Washington State House Republican Communications