Mosbrucker bill to ensure military personnel receive voters’ pamphlet gains House committee approval

A bill that would require the Secretary of State's office to send statewide voters' pamphlets along with election ballots to military service members where they are deployed passed the House State Government and Tribal Affairs Committee Wednesday.

Rep. Gina Mosbrucker, R-Goldendale, introduced House Bill 2916 after a military soldier testified before the committee that when deployed overseas, he receives his ballot, but not the voters' guide.

“He calls his wife back here in Washington to learn more about the candidates, so he knows who to vote for,” said Mosbrucker. “Military members get limited time to talk with their families. They shouldn't have to use that time to discuss how to vote.”

After hearing that story, Mosbrucker said she reached out to other veterans.

“They told me they received the ballot, but they never got the voters' pamphlet, so they didn't know who to vote for. Many would just vote along party lines and some didn't vote at all, because they were unfamiliar with the candidates,” added Mosbrucker. “This bill seeks to change that so our deployed military service men and women can make an informed decision when they vote.”

The bill would require voters' pamphlets to be mailed simultaneously as ballots are mailed so they are received at the same time. The measure also requires any local voters' pamphlets to also be sent at the same time.

“If they are serving our country, we should make sure they have all the tools in front of them that every other voter has, so just like every voter, they can make an informed decision when casting their ballot,” said Mosbrucker.

The measure has been referred to the House Appropriations Committee for further consideration.


Washington State House Republican Communications