Mosbrucker’s sheriff vacancy bill heads to governor; school bus study, Travis alert funded in proposed budget

A bill that would expand the list of people eligible to fill vacant positions within a county sheriff's office is on its way to the governor after receiving unanimous support in the state House and Senate, Rep. Gina Mosbrucker said Monday.

“Existing law only allows the Civil Service Commission to certify the names of the three highest persons on the eligibility list for consideration to fill a vacancy in the sheriff's office. That makes it difficult for sheriff's offices, especially in rural counties, to fill vacancies. This legislation would expand that list to five,” said Mosbrucker, R-Goldendale.

House Bill 1750 passed the House on Feb. 12, with a vote of 97-0. It passed the Senate, Feb. 26, with a vote of 49-0, and now heads to the governor for his consideration.

The 14th District lawmaker also reports she was able to submit budget provisos for funding of two of her priorities. One would provide a study of school bus safety issues.

“Why do we ask our children to buckle up when they get in a car, but we let them ride unbuckled in a school bus,” asked Mosbrucker. “The National Transportation Safety Board is recommending all new school buses be equipped with lap and shoulder seat belts. I'm grateful for the funding that would help us move forward on a study to find a way to make sure our children are always safe and not create an unfunded mandate on school districts.”

Mosbrucker reports an amendment she proposed to the state operating budget in the House Appropriations Committee will fund two pilot programs — one in Eastern Washington and one on the west side of the state that would activate the Travis Alert System through Enhanced 911. Under this system, medical and disability information would be made available to first responders before arrival at the scene of an emergency. The Travis Alert Act, passed in 2017, is named after Travis King, a young man from Wapato with autism.

Mosbrucker also reports three other bills she has prime-sponsored have passed their respective Senate committees and are awaiting a vote on the Senate floor. They include:

  • House Bill 1056 – Creating a task force to identify the role of the workplace to help curb domestic violence.
  • House Bill 2792 – “Cody's Law” to help locate and identify missing persons.
  • House Bill 2819 – Designating the proposed pumped storage project as a project of statewide significance.

The legislative session is scheduled to end March 12.


Washington State House Republican Communications