Mosbrucker’s overseas voter pamphlet bill among first to pass House in 2022 session

During the first official House floor action of the 2022 legislative session on Wednesday, lawmakers passed several bills to the Senate, including a measure by Rep. Gina Mosbrucker that would help inform Washington voters overseas.

House Bill 1357 would require county auditors to mail a statewide and local voters' pamphlet to registered Washington voters overseas, including military voters.

“This bill was suggested to me by a soldier from overseas who receives his election ballot while serving our country, but he doesn't get a voters' pamphlet with it. Without that information, he has to spend valuable time trying to look up candidates online. That's time he could be spending talking to or FaceTiming his family or loved ones,” said Mosbrucker, R-Goldendale.

“The voters' pamphlet is an essential tool to help voters make informed choices on the ballot. All voters should have equal access to this, including those serving our country overseas,” added Mosbrucker. “This legislation would accomplish that goal.”

Mosbrucker originally introduced the bill last year and it passed the House unanimously, but failed to advance in the Senate and was returned to the House at the end of last session.

During Wednesday's floor action, lawmakers again gave unanimous approval to the bill, 95-0. The measure heads back to the Senate where the 14th District representative says she is optimistic it will advance to full legislative passage.

Mosbrucker closed her floor remarks by thanking overseas servicemen and women.

“I'm very grateful for all those who have served our country and continue to serve overseas,” she concluded.


Washington State House Republican Communications