Final three of six Mosbrucker bills to pass Legislature receive governor’s signature

The last three of six bills authored by Rep. Gina Mosbrucker that passed the Legislature and were sent to the governor received his signature Thursday and will become law in July.

Gov. Jay Inslee signed House Bill 1114 (Sentencing Guidelines Commission), House Bill 1564 (Do-it-yourself inadmissible sexual assault rape kits), and House Bill 1779 (carbon monoxide poisoning), during ceremonies Thursday at the state Capitol in Olympia.

House Bill 1114 expands the state’s Sentencing Guidelines Commission by five unpaid members.

“The Sentencing Guidelines Commission advises the governor and the Legislature on issues relating to adult and juvenile sentencing,” said Mosbrucker, R-Goldendale, who serves as a member of the commission. “This bill expands the commission from 20 members up to 25 members to provide broader representation, including the behavioral health perspective, tribes, academia, and people with lived experiences. This makes sure voices, such as the tribes and academia, are at the table and not left out of important conversations.” 

House Bill 1564 prohibits the sale and distribution of do-it-yourself inadmissible at-home rape kits.

“These kits give false hope to victims of prosecution for the perpetrators. They mislead sexual assault survivors into believing that a do-it-yourself kit at home without a forensic medical exam can help catch a rapist. The truth is these do-it-yourself rape kits have been found to be ineligible as evidence in a Washington state court,” said Mosbrucker.

“Sexual assault survivors need more than a simple and inadequate over-the-counter test. These unproven kits are no comparison to the actual sexual assault evidence kit administered by trained medical professionals who provide bar-coded and tracked examinations at no cost,” Mosbrucker noted.

“Many states, including Washington, have sent ‘cease and desist’ warning letters to these companies for unlawful business practices. Washington does not charge for the official test kits. They are always free to sexual assault survivors. No business should profit from the trauma of rape,” she added.

Also known as “Mary’s Law,” House Bill 1779 would convene a state interagency carbon monoxide work group to investigate how to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

“This is a bill brought to me by a constituent who was harmed by repeatedly breathing carbon monoxide through the vents of a vehicle. Carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless. She didn’t know for a long time what was causing her to be sick. She is now suffering long-term effects of her exposure to carbon monoxide. This work group would investigate how to prevent this from happening to others,” said Mosbrucker.

On Monday, Inslee signed Mosbrucker’s House Bill 1117 (power supply inadequacy), and House Bill 1512 (Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and People and Lucian Act). Mosbrucker’s Motorcycle Safety Education Advisory Board measure, House Bill 1171, was signed into law on April 20.

All six bills take effect on July 22, 2023.

PHOTO: Gov. Jay Inslee signs House Bill 1564, prohibiting the sale of do-it-yourself inadmissible rape kits. The bill’s sponsor is Rep. Gina Mosbrucker, R-Goldendale.


Washington State House Republican Communications